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Five years ago, the heavenly Father called me to start my own prophetic ministry. My goal is to share with His people about the spiritual world, the spiritual warfare of the end times and the unborn.


I am an abortion survivor and a messianic believer.

Lately, God has called me to become the ambassador of the unborn souls to this world.

He gave me supernatural visions of Heaven and His Kingdom, where I learned about the unborn souls. I learned what happened to them when they died and what God's plan is for them in the future.

I started to write the book "In My Father's House: Heavenly Visions of an Abortion Survivor." This book will have my testimony and heavenly visions about the unborn.


Because of this ministry, I am experiencing many spiritual attacks from the kingdom of darkness, who warned me not to write this book, nor share my visions. Nevertheless, I am planning to continue this ministry.


This ministry is for the glory of the heavenly Father and Yeshua, my Lord and Savior. It is the only reason I am coming forward with this information, even though it took me several years to become spiritually strong enough to share my heavenly revelations about the unborn and my personal testimony.

It is not easy for me to talk about this topic and speak about the tragedy of the unborn. Yet I felt a burden on my heart to become the voice of the silent souls, who cannot speak up for themselves in this world.


I was planning to release my book in 2017, but several events in my personal life, including an unplanned emergency surgery and a long recovery after, delayed the release of my book.

Currently I am working on editing and translating the book.

With the increasing level of persecution of the evangelical believers in Russia, the heavenly Father has called me to share the word of God with my Russian listeners online. For three years, I shared a commentary on the Gospel of John on my YouTube channel. God is also calling me to start an online pro-life ministry for Russian-speaking listeners.

I am planning to continue my podcasting and writing to advent God's Kingdom on this earth.

If you would like to become part of this work and help me continue my ministry, please support me with donations.


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