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Voice of the Unborn

Ministry Update 2019

By Irene Petra posted June 27, 2019


Today I would like to share the new direction of my ministry with you. At this time, I am making a big decision in my life. I am standing at a crossroads and having to make a choice as to which direction my ministry will go.

During the past 27 years of my walk with the Lord, I have had to make similar decisions that changed my life.

One such decision was to respond to the call of the Lord to take up a messianic ministry to Jews and non-Jews. I still serve in this ministry because it has not only become a ministry for other people but also a part of my life, identification, and way of life and worship of the Lord.

My other decision was to begin a prophetic ministry. Although I had a prophetic gift for many years, it was only during the last six years that the Lord began to urge me to share my revelations with the people of God.

When the Lord called me to start an online ministry, I had to endure many obstacles from the forces of darkness. In 2014, I started my first online blog where I shared my visions and revelations. However, after a year of work, the entire platform was closed, and my blog was deleted. An entire year of my work on my blog was lost. Although I am working on restoring my work, I have to do it all over again from scratch.

Then the Lord began to lead me to start my own video channel on YouTube. Working on videos takes a lot of time, and I had to learn a lot in the process. At first, I shared my revelations, but then the Lord prompted me to begin a commentary on the Gospel of John for Russian-speaking believers in order to support them with spiritual bread. This project lasted for three and a half years. Sometimes the Lord also encouraged me to share my other revelations with my listeners.

At the end of this project, the Lord again gave me another choice. My initial desire was to continue studying the Scriptures, especially the book of Revelation. However, the Lord has been calling me to go in another direction with my ministry. This is one of the hardest decisions I have ever made in my life. This topic is not common among other ministers, even in the prophetic circles. It is very controversial, and I accordingly expect some negative reaction on the part of those whose dogmatic boxes I will not fit in. Although I have already been doing work in this direction for the past three years, I have only shared part of it to my listeners. However, the kingdom of darkness has been trying to prevent my ministry from following God's calling.

The Lord is calling me to begin a ministry that will represent the unborn in light of the events of the end times. He wants me to become their voice on this earth.

But why does God want me to become the voice of the unborn?

My story begins with the fact that I am a survivor of an abortion. I did not know about this until my mother confessed it to me when I was about 20 years old. However, I always knew that I was somehow different from others because I was experiencing things that they did not.

The confession of my mother explained some things in my spiritual life, but I put this information in the back of my mind and tried not to think about it.

For the next twenty years, the Lord has been working on healing my soul. Even after coming to Christ and my mother’s revelation about the abortion, I was not yet ready to begin the healing process. However, when the time came and I was ready to handle the brutal truth, the Lord began to work on my spiritual wounds, which were caused by the abortion. It was at this time when the Lord began to give me heavenly visions and revelations. At the same time, it was the hardest period of my inner healing, as I often suppressed the memories of painful events. Nevertheless, in order to heal, I had to face my past and stop suppressing those memories. This was the only way could I go through the process of healing and reconciliation. I have to reconcile not only with my offenders but also with the pain of inflicted inner wounds and their consequences.

It was one of the hardest experiences in my life. The Lord began to reveal to me the whole truth about this event, no matter how traumatic it was. For this reason, He did not allow me to go in this direction for two decades since I was not ready to accept the brutal truth of my past.

For several years now, the Lord has been carrying me in the hands of His healing. However, this inner healing is not happening in one day. As I approach more and more to the Lord, I can then receive in fullness the healing of my soul from the never-ending love of God.

During this time, the Lord gave me several visions, revelations, and heavenly experiences about the unborn souls.

Why did the Lord give me these revelations?

As an unborn child, I experienced death for a short period. It happened during the abortion when my mother took the abortive pills. I experienced death before I was born. The angels of the Lord took my soul and lifted it to the heavenly Father. Then the Lord gave me a choice: either to stay in heaven or return to earth and accomplish His mission. Although He warned me that my life would be difficult, nevertheless I agreed to go back to my lifeless body, which was still preserved by the Lord inside my mother's womb.

When my mother discovered that the abortion failed, she changed her mind about getting rid of me. Instead, she gave me life.

Now, although I was born into this world, I have a spiritual mark on me because I am a person who experienced death before birth. For this reason, the unborn souls in heaven accept me as part of their heavenly group. We share the same experience, the same wounds, and the same challenges. They know that I can represent their group on earth and give them a voice.

This decision is not easy for me because I know the price I will have to pay for coming forward with my testimony and standing for the rights of the unborn. However, I know that my testimony and ministry can also bring a great blessing to many on this earth.

With the Lord’s help, I hope to begin a series of podcasts reflecting the topic of the unborn from the perspective of Scripture, their role in the Kingdom of Heaven, and the end times. I will continue speaking about this topic until the Lord begins to lead me in a different direction. In addition, I will discuss the events of Revelation, but from the perspective of the unborn souls and their ministries.

Currently, I am working on the book In My Father's House: Heavenly Visions of an Abortion Survivor.

This book is my testimony about the unborn in heaven and their role in the end times. However, for those who want to know more, I advise you to follow my work, since I did not include many of my revelations in the book. I will cover them in my podcasts.

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For the last couple of years, I had several unforeseen events in my life, which delayed my work with the book. Four months ago, I lost my mother to pancreatic cancer. It was unexpected tragedy. I had to pause my ministry for several months. During this time, I was focusing on my book, which I hope will be published next year.

I thank those who are praying for me and my ministry. Also, I thank those who support me. May Heavenly Father bless you! I am under constant spiritual attack from the kingdom of darkness. Your prayers and support mean a lot to me.

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I also advise you to subscribe to my newsletter to know about my latest revelations published on my platforms.

My ministry is centralized on my website: This is a bilingual website where I try to reach people from all over the world.

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God bless you!



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