About the Author

Irene Petra is a freelance writer and Messianic believer with a prophetic gifting. She was born and raised in Russia and came to know Yeshua the Messiah as her personal Savior in 1992. After coming to the faith in Messiah, God brought Irene to her Jewish identity. Later God called her to minister to the Jewish people with the good news about their Messiah. In 2000 she attended the Messianic Bible Institute in Moscow. A year later she met her future husband and immigrated to the USA.

In the beginning of her faith walk with Yeshua, God gave her a prophetic gift, which manifested in dreams, visions, prophecies, and words of knowledge. In 2013 the Holy Spirit brought her to a new level of spiritual experiences and revelations. Now God is leading Irene to share them with the body of Messiah.

The main goal of Irene’s prophetic ministry is to prepare believers for the coming establishment of the Millennium Kingdom of God on the earth. 


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