The Coming Horde of Wolf-Demons

By Irene Petra posted August 18, 2016


We are living in a time where the spiritual world will collide with the physical realm. The future will be filled with many supernatural manifestations from heaven and from darkness. Our responsibility is to have good discernment, understand spiritual warfare, and be ready to face the coming force of evil.

Some time ago I had a vision, a vision of the last days.

In this vision I saw an open land. This land was dry and empty. It had no grass, and it had no water. All the earth was filled with darkness. Heavy, dark clouds were filling the sky. These clouds were hanging like an iron ceiling. They were very heavy and very low; the darkness felt very thick and was also very heavy. I could not see any blue sky through the clouds.

In the middle of this land was a lighthouse. It was very strange to me, because lighthouses are usually placed on the coasts of oceans and seas. But yet here I saw a lighthouse right in the middle of this dry land.

This lighthouse was standing on the top of a rock. And on the top of this high rock a small house stood . I saw light which was coming from the lighthouse. This light lit the area around it and was the only source of illumination. 

The atmosphere was so heavy that when I saw it, my heart was filled with sadness. I realized that the Lord gave me a revelation about the future in the spiritual realm during the last days of the earth.

Then I saw a great multitude of wolf-like creatures. This horde filled the whole earth. They were coming like a wave, like a flood that was flooding the whole earth. They were like an army. It was a very great multitude. I understood that these wolves were not ordinary wolves. These wolves were demonic entities. They were spiritual beings. They were not part of the animal world, and they were not part of the physical world. And through them evil would fill the earth. As they filled the earth, I could not see any part of the land. They filled it completely with their multitude of the great wolf’s pack. But when they approached this big rock, they could not reach the top of the lighthouse, because this rock was very high, and it was unreachable for them. They were not able to put out the light…

I was praying to the Lord: what was this about? And the Holy Spirit revealed to me that we, who believe in Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) are the light to this world. And our light has to shine in this world even when this world will be filled with darkness.

Brothers and sisters, what I saw in this vision was very scary, because this evil, this darkness, filled the place in such a way that it was impossible to withstand against it if you are not on the Rock. If you are not on this Rock, which is Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ), you will not be able to withstand them. You will drown in this flood, they will trample you, and they will rip you apart. 

In the future , there is an expected advance of evil, demonic forces. The portals of evil will be opened, the portals that were closed long ago. God limited the manifestation of these evil entities on the earth in the past, but now He is taking away His protective hand. As it is written: “For the secret of lawlessness is already at work – only until he who now restrains comes out of the midst.” 2 Thessalonians 2:7

His grace is restraining the advance of these powers. And now He is taking away this grace, this mercy for mankind. The flood of these entities will fill the earth. Darkness is filling the earth. This darkness is so perceptible, that if we stay in Yeshua, on His Word, on His Rock, only then will we be able to stand in His light and overcome and be victorious in the spiritual world.

Concerning these special demonic entities: they are very powerful demons. They are already here on the earth, but their numbers are going to be multiplied.

Who are they? 

They are one of the most vicious demons that have ever been on the face of the earth. Satan is going to use them in the end times as special forces of his satanic army.

How do they manifest themselves?

They manifest themselves right now through demonized people. They are limited with this manifestation until the time comes when the veil which separates the two realms will be taken down. It will happen during the Great Tribulation, when demons are going to manifest themselves in the physical world in their real form.

Their nature is very dark and vicious. They usually are acting in packs. They are seldom alone, but sometimes you may encounter a lone wolf.

They are very murderous and brutal toward any human beings. But especially they are looking for younger victims. They are bloodthirsty and have no mercy to anyone.

They have their strongholds among:

Abortion clinics

Terrorist groups like ISIS and Taliban and many others

Violent groups around the world

They are behind any kind of tyranny.

They have their portals through horror movies, violent video games, and violent movies.

They are responsible for soul traumas during satanic ritual abuses and mind control.

Many of their victims are very young, who were exposed to extreme violence for the purpose of dissociating and fragmenting their soul. They are brutal prison guards for an imprisoned soul. Many people who went through the traumas of SRA and mind control are under their oppression. They literally are ripping apart human souls, damaging them to such a degree that even after deliverance the person has to deal with the big mess of their evil work.

They are the ones whom Satan chose to be in control of the so-called “black awakening,” because they are conditioning fragmented souls to become their puppets in the future spiritual warfare. And through these ultra sleepers within the souls of human beings, they will release their “super soldiers” of the end days.

Even now we see partial manifestations of this “black awakening,” where thousands of young people, the young generations in the Middle East and Europe, have become violent and manifest these demonic entities. This same manifestation has already come to the US and other countries. But this is only the beginning.

A true victim of these demons is a person who is demonized by them. He experiences the inner pain from them on such a level that his soul is ripping apart. He is in the strong grip of their power, and the only exit from this oppression is to come to Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ).

Any kind of murder or violence (real or virtual) becomes an open door for these demons.

In the end days, they will be responsible for the enslavement of the souls of people who will receive the mark of the beast. These souls literally will be dissociated from the ability to manifest themselves in the physical world, and these demons will take full control of the human body. The soul of a person who receives the mark of the beast will be lost for eternity. The mark of the beast will become the legal right for these entities to overtake the body.

How do you fight these entities?

These entities have no regard for the name of Yeshua (Jesus Christ). They do not readily and willingly submit to His name. To deal with them, you have to use the force of spiritual warfare.

Yeshua told us that this kind can be cast out with fasting and prayer. Yet another thing that is required is to have the power of the Holy Spirit. 

The power of the Holy Spirit will manifest itself through us if we walk in God’s righteousness. It means that we should walk like Yeshua walked, talk like He talked, and keep His commandments. The more we apply His righteousness in our life, the more power we will have. 

Do not think that you can stand against these entities by living a worldly life and practicing sin. They will rip you apart and put you in the prison of their oppression. It is time for God’s people to start living holy lives so they would be able to stand against these unclean spirits.

But for those who are walking in the light of God’s Word, keep His commandments, live a righteous life and shine to the world, who stand on the firm foundation of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) – be not afraid! He is your protector and your cover.


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