Prophetic Update #1

One time I was taken through the gates of the New Jerusalem in a vision. Near the gates I was shown the Book of Life with my name in it. This name was not engraved in the book, but designed in such a way that the golden letters of my name were standing out (protruding) from the pages. Then I was shown the book of my life. It was like a scroll. It started to unravel from the days of my conception, and everything would go in motion like a movie before my eyes.

Prophetic Update #2

In the dream I saw a big storm coming towards us. Out of a window I saw that huge, tall trees were bending under the power of the wind, and many of them started to break down... The dream was a warning about the coming judgment for the rulers and kings of the nations. The tall and mighty trees are going down. God is going to send a worldwide storm, a storm of social unrest, revolutions, and wars that will topple down many governments and countries.

Prophetic Update #3

Ichabod. This is the Hebrew word for the departure of God’s glory.
Heavenly Father is sending me to warn people that His glory is departing from the earth. It will depart before the final and worldwide abomination of desolation that will happen in the end of days.
But to understand the future, let’s look in the past, when the glory of God departed. What happened and what does it mean to us?

Prophetic Update #4

The Holy Spirit wants me to warn people that as at this moment, He is sending His messengers to mark His people. I saw in the spirit that judgment has already been proclaimed over many. Their hearts have been judged, their future is sealed. Unfortunately, not many of them were marked. And those who were not marked were given up to the spirit of delusion. People, prepare yourselves for the coming judgment of the Lord over His house.

Prophetic Update #5

We are living in a time where the spiritual world will collide with the physical realm. The future will be filled with many supernatural manifestations from heaven and from darkness. Our responsibility is to have good discernment, understand spiritual warfare, and be ready to face the coming force of evil.
Some time ago I had a vision, a vision of the last days.
In this vision I saw an open land. This land was dry and empty. It had no grass, and it had no water. All the earth was filled with darkness. Heavy, dark clouds were filling the sky. 

Prophetic Update #6

How is the ancient conflict between Elijah and the house of Jezebel connected to the end times? Read to discover how Donald Trump becomes the vessel to bring judgment to the end time house of Ahab and Jezebel..

Prophetic Update #7

Word of Prophecy for 2019. 
In this prophetic conversation the heavenly Father talked about things that will happen in the future and about things which He had revealed to me in the past.

Prophetic Update #8

Revelation About the Nature of the Antichrist
The nature of the Antichrist is a controversial topic. And at the same time, it is very important to understand it in our last days, when the prophecies of Revelation are unfolding before our eyes.


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